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Washing Line or Rotary Dryer? We Discuss the Pros and Cons


If anything is going to give you the wash day blues it is a drying device that does not suit your needs – or won’t withstand the elements.

If you’ve got your shirts ‘whiter than white’ and kept your colours from running in the wash, the last thing you want is trouble with your method of drying. Often, the choice between a washing line or rotary dryer is decided when you move into a new home. Sometimes, your choice is very limited – dictated by the size of your garden, for example. You make also be faced with making this choice if you need to replace your current washing line or rotary dryer.

A washing line can be cost-effective and efficient in a large garden. You may not even have to install poles, instead attaching the desired length of washing line to existing structures such as trees or fence posts.  Clothes pegged onto traditional washing lines can dry very quickly, particularly on a hot summer’s day or in a gentle breeze. However, washing lines do have their drawbacks.

Clothes left on washing lines during exceptionally windy weather have more chance of being blown away or onto the ground.  They are also key targets for seagulls and other birds looking for something to leave their mark on!  In very small areas, washing lines can be impractical and not long enough to accommodate a full load of washing – leaving wet items of clothing, bedding, towels, etc draped over radiators indoors.

Washing Line or Rotary Dryer? We Discuss the Pros and Cons

Washing line v. rotary dryer ; we discuss the pros and cons…

Rotary dryers are great for small gardens.  Like an umbrella, they can be put up only when needed – the rest of the time taking up only a tiny amount of space or even put away and stored in a shed or porch.  They can accommodate a full load of washing and, if pegged well, items are unlikely to go far even in strong winds.  You can buy a protective cover which will weatherproof your line during the times you are not using it.

Rotary dryers are more expensive to purchase than a washing line.  Drying times can be longer when most or all of the line space is used.  Items pegged on the outside lines dry much quicker than those on the inside lines.  This can become an issue if you have more than one load of washing to get through in a day.  Rotary dryers can become unstable in the ground and may need fixing with concrete.

Looking out of your sash windows and seeing the washing blowing in the breeze is one of life’s simple pleasures. Whether you settle on a washing line or a rotary dryer keeping your whites sparkling white can be difficult so follow these tips from a top hotel on how to wash your whites.

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