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Top Tips for Maximising the Natural Light into your Home


Bi-Fold Doors - Natural Light

Natural light is a must have feature in a home. It makes a home feel larger and brighter, and we all know the benefits the sun can have on us. Therefore, we should maximise the amount we can let into our homes.

We have come up with some tips to help welcome that sun into your homes and utilise it within your house.

  1. Mirrors

Mirrors will reflect light into the room, so placing them opposite or adjacent to a window will beam the natural light throughout the room, giving it a much lighter feel.

  1. Shiny Surfaces

In your kitchen and bathroom, if you have reflective worktops and shiny units then this will bounce the light around the room.

  1. Light Colours

Do not use dark paint or wallpaper because this will make the room feel enclosed. To get a room to not resemble a cave then use an off-white shade which will make it feel bright, but not cold like brilliant white would. Instead a sense of warmth is created.

  1. Clean

There is no point having windows if the dirt on them is stopping any natural light from entering. Windows are there to allow a connection with the outside world without having to actually step outside. Clean you windows every so often to ensure maximum light is passed through.

  1. Keep your Garden under Control

Sometimes our gardens can start to look like a scene from the Jungle Book. The wildlife may love it but inside your house will not. Allowing trees and bushes to grow too much in front of your windows will block any natural light trying to filter into the room. Consequently your house will mostly likely feel, cold, dark and damp.

  1. Windows and Doors

The style and design of windows and doors you have are important. Bi-Fold Doors are perhaps one of the best products at allowing natural light into your home. They turn the threshold between your home and your garden invisible and are great at letting the outside light in.

Now that you know how to take full advantage of the suns natural light, we hope feel much lighter and spacious in your home.

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