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What Does the Colour of Your Front Door Say About You?


Door Colours

First impressions count. This means that even the first impression of your home can be important, so we have found out what the colour of your front door could be telling visitors before they even step inside.
Navy Blue
A navy blue door can indicate a sense of tradition and you could expect to see a lot of family photos behind the door. Some even suggest that the most intelligent among us have navy blue doors!
Light Blue
Light blue is often associated with the seaside and loving the outdoors. A calm, fresh and bright person might live behind a light blue door.
When you walk up to a yellow door you expect to find happy, bubbly and enthusiastic people the other side. A yellow door suggests the occupants like to stand out from the crowd and are very welcoming to their guests.
Someone who paints their front door in grey is believed to be quite reserved and sincere. When you step into their house, expect to find very sophisticated and stylish decor and furnishings.
The most famous black door in the UK is the entranceway to number 10 Downing Street, a front door which has been seen by people all over the world. People with a black door can give a sense of being mysterious and unquestionably chic.
Red doors are often linked with London, we thought this is because of red London buses, and telephone boxes, but apparently people who live in the capital city are the most passionate of us in the UK. A red door also suggests strong and positive-minded people.
A purple door, is a creative door. An artistic person lives behind it and they are probably content in their quality of life and wellbeing.
Clean and appreciative of calm and serenity, these are the characteristics of someone who chooses to have a white front door.
The qualities of a person with a pink door are mischievous, outgoing and open-minded. A bright personality to match a bright door, what else would you expect!?
Behind a lime green door you would probably expect to find someone with similar traits to other bright coloured doors. However, a dark green coloured front door is autumnal and welcoming. The people who own it probably appreciate nature and are eco-conscious.

Why don’t you pop into our showrooms and see which statement colour you might like for your new front door?

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