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Fact or Fiction – Can You Burn or Tan Through Windows?



Given the unfamiliar heatwave this country is experiencing right now, and the fact I am among the fair-skinned of the population, I wondered how effective, or ineffective windows are at protecting you from the sun. Since my skin and the sun do not mix well, then this is potentially quite a useful fact to know!

Research suggests that double-glazed windows will act like the ozone layer. This is essentially a shield around the Earth which absorbs most of the Sun’s UV radiation. If this is the case with windows, then it would not be very easy to tan or burn. The windows would only allow minimal ultraviolet light to pass through and reach your skin, not enough to cause damage. Positive news for myself and any other vulnerable people out there during the heatwave!

However, it has been reported in an American study that those who spend a lot of time driving are more likely to develop skin cancer. Especially on the left side of their body – which is the window side of the driver’s seat in American cars. 74% of 1000 patients with malignant melanoma had tumours on their left sides. This was reported by the New York Times following on from research at St Louis University.

So, if you are sat in your conservatory during this time and ever think about the sun beating down onto your skin, the chances of you burning are minimal. However, it might wise to apply sun cream if you are travelling in a car for an extensive period.

A further thought is that although you might not feel the effect of the sun whilst sat in your conservatory, the furniture will. As we will discuss in an upcoming blog, some furniture can be affected by the sun and the heat. So it is important to have suitable, resistant furniture in your conservatory.

I would always advise to be careful and apply sun cream if you are going to be in the sun. Even if you are behind a window, because it is better to be safe than sorry!

Remember to check back here soon to find out what furniture is best for a conservatory! Hope you all enjoy this beautiful weather whilst it lasts!

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