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Coal versus Gas, Which Barbecue is Better?


With the warmer weather and summer months fast approaching with those sunny days that are perfect for barbecues and garden parties it is likely you’re thinking about the best barbecue for you and your family? Should you opt for a smouldering charcoal barbecue or would a quick-reacting gas barbecue be best for you?
Charcoal Barbecues
If you like the traditional method of barbecuing, which is grilling food over white-hot charcoal, then coal barbecues are great. Charcoal barbecues are also great for that smoky barbecue taste on your meat as the smoke from the coals and the sizzling fat will infuse the food for that delicious and authentic chargrilled taste that we all love about barbecues.

Another benefit to charcoal barbecues is that they are cheaper to purchase than a gas barbecue they are also easier to build and lighter to move around the patio or garden and into the garage or shed.

image of charcoal barbecue

Charcoal barbecues are cheaper and will leave that smoky barbecue taste on your meat.

If storage space is limited then a charcoal barbecue is recommended because it will take up less space than a gas barbecue however there are some downsides and negatives to a coal barbecue.

A poor coal barbecue will leave you waiting ages for your sausages to cook through and they can be tricky to light and take a long time to heat up. Another downside is that the charcoal barbecues can be really messy to clean up because of the coal ash.
Gas Barbecues

image of gas barbecue

Gas barbecues are quick to get started and let you adjust the cooking heat to your liking.

Gas barbecues are very popular because they are quick to light and react quickly when you are cooking on them. They are also quick to get started if you fancy some barbecued food on a lighter evening after work. You can also adjust the heat of a gas barbecue quickly which helps ensure that you don’t undercook or overcook your food.

Although gas barbecues are quick and easy to use they do lack the distinctive barbecue taste that a charcoal barbecue offers. They are also pretty heavy to move around, awkward to store in the shed and more expensive than charcoal barbecues. The other downside to a gas barbecue is the fact that you need to have a gas canister to fuel it which can be an unsightly feature to your garden party.

Despite our changeable weather more people are enjoying the benefits of cooking outdoors and if the weather isn’t warm enough to sit outside, the house and garden might easily blend into one with the installation of french doorspatio doors or bi-fold doors.

If you fancy an alternative to the usual burgers and sausages, check out Jamie Oliver‘s suggestions for easy barbecue food.

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